Privacy Policy

Last Updated: July 23, 2013

iASPEC Takes your Privacy concerns seriously. This Privacy Policy lists out what information we collect from you and what we do with this information

Terms we use in this Policy include:

·         “Website” Refers to this website

·         “Service” The SecurPAP service

·         “Company” Refers to our company iASPEC which created and operates the Website and the Service.

Privacy Policy explains:

·         What Limited Information is collected

·         How this information is used

·         Personal Information is not shared

·         Personal Information is not Sold

Limit Collection of Personal Information

The collection of information by the Website and the Service is strictly limited to the boundaries of the SecurPAP, not for any other marketing related activities.

The Website does not require registration for access. For using the Service, registration is required. Information such as “Name” and “E-mail address” are required for use of the Service.

Log files for the Website and the Service are generated whenever your browser or client connects to the Website or Service. Information collected here includes your browser and IP Address

Not sold to any third parties

Personal information collected with the usage of the Website is not sold to any third parties. Information regarding usage of the Service is not sold nor shared with any 3rd party. All information collected with the usage of the Website and Service is collected in accordance for the usage of the Service.

Email communication

For online Purchase through the Website, you will receive Order Confirmation emails. The Service will send email to confirm identification prior to activating new accounts and activating Mobile Tokens. You may also receive other informational notices regarding the Service or other promotional email when you are a registered user of the Service.

Other Email contact imitated by the User through the use of the Website Support page will be recorded and archived.

Secure Data

Communication between the Website and for the Service is encrypted with SSL Certificates. Information about purchases made through the Website do not contain any names,  passwords, address, or credit-card information stored with purchases.

Online information collected during usage

Certain information regarding the authentication, document signing, and usage period is collected for analysis for debugging and product improvement purposes. This data is not to be traced back to your private account.

You are responsible for maintaining your ID and Mobile Token

Keep your ID safe and don’t share accounts with others. Protect your Mobile Token with PIN is recommended. Deactivate phone tokens online when possible if a phone is lost or stolen.  Don’t leave CueCards in plain sight and store them in a secure location.

iASPEC will not ask you by phone or email what your One Time Password is. iASPEC will not contact you by phone or email to ask what your Security Question or the answer to your security question is. Your Security Question and Answer will only be requested by Website and will be identified by the Certified Domain SSL certificate.


We will post updates on our website whenever Privacy Policy changed.