About OpenID

Industry Standard for Managing Your Identity

Theoretically, OpenID allows you to use one single ID to sign into multiple websites. In practice, this ID can be one that is created purposely as segregation from any other ID that the you may have created or used in other systems. Developed in 2005, OpenID has rapidly matured to become the industry standard in user identity management on the Internet.

As of today, there are over 1 billion OpenID enabled user accounts and over 50,000 websites accepting OpenID for logins.

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SecurPAP Strengthens Identity Protection

With a SecurPAP OpenID account, you can visit any OpenID-supporting website (even one you have never gone to before) and establish an association between the userid that you have used in that website with the secrete account that you have previously setup in SecurPAP. During this process, SecurPAP has no need to know the userid that you have used in these associated websites. This separation of secrets gives the users added protection of their online credentials.

Since SecurPAP provides OTP for authentication, you can be sure that even if hackers eavesdrop on your password they will never be able to use it to gain access to your data.

How SecurPAP OpenID works

If you have a SecurPAP account, you can follow these simple steps to associate your accounts in other websites that are supporting the OpenID standard:

Start Using OpenID with SecurPAP

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