What is SecurPAP

SecurPAP is a cloud-based, 2-factor authentication service based on one-time password (OTP) technology. It supports an OpenID compliant interface that allows external systems to take advantage of its strong 2-factor authentication scheme.

Users can use SecurPAP to strengthen security protection of their online identities and to safeguard their credentials when accessing various forms of network resources.

Online service providers can use SecurPAP to harden the logon security of their systems and to better protect the identities of their customers, They can take full advantage of the services provided by SecurPAP using an OpenID interface or a Web Services interface.

Online Identity Theft

The rapid proliferation of online services in recent years has driven their users to create accounts on many of them. They often use the same or similar user handles and static passwords to as their credentials in accessing these services. In case any of these services is compromised, users’ accounts and data can be leak to third parties, including hackers with malicious intents. Highly sensitive private information, such as phone numbers, addresses, credit card and social security numbers can also be exposed. Often, the persons with their identity stolen are not aware of their misfortune until a lot damages have been done.

As a counter measure, some people opted to use different username/password combinations to sign up online services of their choice.  This method is cumbersome and it puts the burden of managing all these userid/password pairs on the shoulder of the users. Furthermore, this method still cannot prevent your identity from being stolen through spyware, phishing emails, network sniffing or other identity stealing techniques.

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How SecurPAP can protect your identity

While SecurPAP supports the industry standard OpenID scheme in userid management and authentication services, it adds an important dimension to it for further enhancement on the security protection of user identities.

SecurPAP has strengthened the OpenID scheme by the use of one-time password (OTP) instead of the conventional static password as in other OpenID implementations.

OTP works on the principle that the password used in any logon process is only valid once. After its use, that particular OTP will become invalid for the next logon action. Typically, OTP-based authentication systems require the user to carry “tokens” through which these OTPs are generated. SecurPAP has adopted a software-based token. This software token can be installed onto the user’s mobile phones, tablets or other portable devices.

The use of this award-winning OTP technology in SecurPAP has significantly improved the security of the OpenID scheme.

Ease of Use

SecurPAP supports various token types, including: Mobile (Phone) Token, PC token and CueCard. Mobile token for the most common platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone are available for easy download.

In just a few easy-to-follow steps, users can setup their SecurPAP profiles and start enjoying the convenience of OpenID and the security protection of OTP technology.

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